Hi everyone!

Want to show off something cool and Evergreen-related your library is
doing? Or how you're using Evergreen to solve a tricky problem? Or how
you've customized Evergreen in an interesting way? This is your chance!

Sign up for a 5-minute slot on either Thursday or Friday of the conference
(there are two tabs on the sheet), and use it to share what you've
accomplished or what you're currently working on!


(This sign-up sheet will be online until Monday, April 22, and then it will
be printed and left at the Registration Desk for late sign-ups.)

Thanks everyone!

Terran McCanna, PINES Program Manager

Georgia Public Library Service | University System of Georgia

1800 Century Place NE Suite 580 l Atlanta, GA 30345

(404) 235-7138 | tmcca...@georgialibraries.org

http://help.georgialibraries.org | h...@help.georgialibraries.org


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