HI All,

I am preparing to migrate our Evergreen install (3.2.5) to a new Server (Ubuntu 
16.04) and have everything up and running but am having trouble with the 
websockets to test the web staff client before moving the current database 
over. The new server is configured like the production server with websocketsd 
and nginx to proxy everything and has the database imported from the production 
server's backup. I can search catalog, login to account, just cannot get into 
the staff client. I get the following error in the web console using Firefox:


As another test, I created a test server (complete clone of the production 
server, with configuration files and IP changes for internal testing) and was 
able to run the staff client just fine. I can see that the websocket is running 
on the new server. Not sure if/what I missed in setup or not, any help is 
greatly appreciated.


Jesse McCarty
City of Burlington
Information Systems Technician

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