Welcome to Bug Squashing Week!

All bug reports, patches, sign-offs, and comments between today (Monday,
May 20) and Friday, May 24 will be recorded here:


How to Participate:

You may participate in Bug Squashing Day by:


   Submitting new bug fixes for reported bugs

   Testing bug fixes that others have submitted (these should have the
   "pullrequest" tag)

   Confirming bug reports that haven't been reviewed yet (this is a great
   way to participate if you're not a coder!)

   Pushing bug fixes into Evergreen (for core committers)

   Assisting with documentation updates

(Don't worry, you don't need to set aside the entire week to

participate - you can participate however much that you can fit into

your schedule!)

Bug Squashing Week Info and Guidelines:



Several testing servers have been set up (thank you, Blake) with requested
bug fixes installed. These sandboxes have the Concerto data set. There are
some requests that came in late that haven’t been set up yet, but we will
try to get them ready in the next day or two. You are welcome to use these
sandboxes to confirm new bugs and to see if old bugs still exist as well:


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you and happy bug squashing!

Terran McCanna, PINES Program Manager

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(404) 235-7138 | tmcca...@georgialibraries.org

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