I wonted to test some  localization bugs and problems  related to reports
using our  Evergreen test server environment (3.3.0, Czech localization).
However, I came across a problem, that the web client report interface can
be loaded only partially (see the attachment) and templates search and
folder links don't work at all (in production environment using Evergreen
3.1.4 the report interface is loaded normally  - there are, however, other
problems that I just wanted to test).
I compared the report interface with Blake's sandbox - everything works
fine there.

I'm not sure if it's a localization problem or if it can be caused by some
specific settings.

Don't you have an experience with similar behavior of reporter interface
(or idea, what could cause the problem)?

Thank you in advance for any hint.

Mgr. Eva Cerniňáková
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Knihovna Jabok
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Jabok - Vyšší odborná škola sociálně pedagogická a teologická
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