*Reminder!  Please join us on Tuesday for this DIG discussion!*

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*Please forgive the cross-posting.  We want to make sure everyone is

*Please join us for a special DIG tutorial session!  Everyone is invited!*

*DIG for Catalogers*

*Documentation Interest Group Tutorial*

*Tuesday, July 30, 2019*

*2:00 EDT*

Debbie Luchenbill and Andrea Buntz Neiman will be leading this session on
how to get involved with the Documentation Interest Group and lowering
barriers for participation.

While this session is being created in coordination with the Cataloging
Working Group, everyone is invited!



a.     How to Contribute Documentation/Suggestions

b.     Documentation Needed (and getting started)

*2.*     *IRC*

a.     DIG Meetings

b.     Using IRC

c.      IRC Practice Session

*Note*:  We will be practicing using IRC at the end of the session.  If you
are not familiar with logging in to the Freenode Internet Relay Chat
network, please take a moment to review the helpful Evergreen on IRC
<https://evergreen-ils.org/communicate/irc/> information on the Evergreen
website and make sure you can connect.  Please reach out to any of the
organizers with questions about using IRC.

Join us by logging into:  *https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/137972325*

*Conference ID:  **137-972-325*

*You can also dial in using your phone for audio.*

United States (Toll Free): +1 877 309 2073

Canada (Toll Free): +1 888 455 1389

The session will be recorded and shared on the wiki for anyone who is
interested but cannot attend.

Thank you,

Deborah Luchenbill, debo...@mobiusconsortium.org

Andrea Buntz Neiman, abnei...@equinoxinitiative.org

Jennifer Weston, jennifer.wes...@equinoxinitiative.org

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