Hi James,

Thank you very much for the link - we have just tried it in our test environment and it seems to work fine :-)!

Obviously, it would be great if a direct link made its way back to the current web client interface - thank you for submitting a bug for it!


On 7/26/19 10:22 PM, James Fournie wrote:
Hi!  It looks to me like the interface was rewritten but this functionality was missed in the rewrite.

Because it auto-generates some of these screens, there is a hidden screen for this: https://<YOUR EVERGREEN>/eg2/en-US/staff/admin/server/authority/control_set_authority_field <https://bugsquash.missourievergreen.org/eg2/en-US/staff/admin/server/authority/control_set_authority_field>

However this isn't very usable in my testing.

If you know the ID of your control set, you might be able to use a URL like this to get at it (where 1 is the ID of your control set)

https://<YOUR EVERGREEN>/eg/conify/global/cat/authority/control_set_authority_field?acs=1 <https://dev1.catalogue.libraries.coop/eg/conify/global/cat/authority/control_set_authority_field?acs=1>

I'm not sure how will this will work though, your mileage may vary.

I've filed a bug here:

On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 2:28 AM Linda Jansova <skolk...@chello.cz <mailto:skolk...@chello.cz>> wrote:


    Does anyone have any idea where is the authority fields list that
    to be available in 3.2
    (http://docs.evergreen-ils.org/3.2/_authority_fields.html - please
    the first image) now - in 3.3 - located? There used to be a link from
    Authority Control Sets (under Server Administration) but I cannot
    see it
    in 3.3.

    The reason why I'm searching for it is that I would like to have our
    subfield 7 (contained in authority records) automatically inserted
    authority-controlled fields in bib records. (The subfield in
    question is
    used by our national library to store permanent authority record
    ID and
    so we use it basically in all authority-controlled fields in bib
    in order to have it included in bib records sent to our union

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!


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