Michele and Jason, 

I agree. I have figured out the conditional logic for the receipt templates, 
but not the email and print notices.  I think making it automatic would be 
great for everyone.   I know locally we have a few individuals who have not 
legally changed their name and we would like to be able to use the name they 
are providing us on all communication.  


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Yes, I think that having fields on the user object that return the preferred 
names or regular names if there is no preferred name would be useful.  It could 
shortcut some coding.

That said, it would require some plumbing changes to the Evergreen object 
system, and I'm not sure how generic it could be.

I am adding preferred name to our email templates, and it requires some 
conditional logic in the templates.  It would be nice if I could put that in a 
separate template file that gets included in the others to avoid duplicate 
code, but I don't think the templates in the database can include other 


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