Dear Evergreen Community.
            Those of us who have attended the Evergreen International 
Conference have visited some wonderful places (in my case Raleigh, NC; 
Covington, KY; St. Charles, MO) and some of us have had the honor of hosting 
the conference. In 2019 we hosted it here in Pennsylvania, and next year it 
will be in Atlanta. We are looking for sites to host the 2021 Evergreen 
Conference. Why host an Evergreen Conference? Isn't it a lot of work? Well, 
yes, there is a commitment of time and energy, but there are also some great 

*        Every state and town has something unique to offer. This is your 
chance to show it off!

*        Help the local economy. Conference attendees always enjoy dine-outs at 
local restaurants, shopping, and visiting tourist sites. An appreciative 
business community can help the local library when it comes time for advocacy.

*        If the conference is close to you, this means no need for flights and 
some people may even be able to commute. Given the state of travel budgets, 
this, for some people in our libraries, may be the only chance they will have 
to attend an Evergreen conference.

*        .....and let's not forget: this helps out the Evergreen Community. 
There is no ILS vendor out there who can setup a conference for us. It is up to 
us, and giving back is appreciated and helps us move forward as a community.
 Qualifications and the applications are here. (Yes, if you hosted already, you 
can do it again.)<>

Please email your proposals to<> by 5:00 
p.m. EDT on Friday, October 31, 2019.

Address any questions to<> and we 
will respond as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Thomas
Chief Executive Officer / Director
Scranton Public Library
500 Vine Street
Scranton, PA 18509-3298
570-348-3000 x3011

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