I have a question.  Our consortium will be upgrading next week, and for several 
reasons that I won't go into here, our library would prefer not to use Offline 
Circ but wait until the system comes back up to resume circulation functions.

However, the one thing that would be helpful for us would be if we could 
continue to track in-house use while we are offline.  If we could scan our 
barcodes into a text file and then import them to record in-house use once 
Evergreen is back up, that would solve our problem.  I don't see any option for 
uploading a file of barcodes in In-House Use in Evergreen.  I looked at Item 
Status, where I can upload a file, but I don't see any option there which would 
allow me to update in-house use.

Is there any option that I have overlooked?  If anyone has suggestions, I would 
be glad to hear them.


Irene Patrick
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