Check out my receipts in my git hub:

 has the Vertical hold slip printing in hatch, I know this because I tested it 
in Hatch with a receipt printer.

This is the div I used: <div style="writing-mode: vertical-rl; 
text-orientation: mixed; float:right;">

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Hello, We just upgraded from 2.10 to 3.3 last weekend, and we are currently 
working through all our documentation to get ready to switch to the web client.

I'm working on setting up our receipt templates for transit and hold slips.  
And I'm noticing when I try to use the css "text-orientation: upright ; 
writing-mode: vertical-rl;" to create vertical stacked text, it is just ignored 
when printing, but only when I'm printing through hatch.  If I use browser 
printing, it works fine.

So is hatch rendering the print jobs when it is used?  And is there a list of 
what CSS it doesn't support?


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