With the 2019 Hack-A-Way now behind us it's time to start looking at next
year.  A few institutions have asked about hosting in 2020 but there have
been no actual proposals at this point.  If you're an institution that is
interested in hosting a community event the Hack-A-Way is a far simpler
even than the conference.  The requirements are:

   - A clean meeting space for upwards of 30 people.
   - Working space for laptops.
   - A TV, projector or other display.
   - Adequate bandwidth for the users
   - A few snacks and forms of hydration and caffeine to keep blood sugar
   and typing up
   - facilitated reasonable hotel accommodations (cheaper is better but no
   bed bugs)
   - Although not required it's become a tradition for the host to supply

If there are any questions, please ask.

Rogan Hamby, MLIS

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