We implemented auto renew back in March this year and things have gone fairly 
smoothly with the implementation for my library.

Generally, the patrons have been happy about it.  We did have one complaint 
that boiled down to a patron simply not wanting to be notified at all, which 
was an interesting one for me, but that was certainly possible to fix for us.

The only rocky start part was getting our notices to generate properly.  The 
stock notice wording was a little too generic, so we made changes that took a 
bit of work to get implemented properly.

We don't really have the email/sms issue, so I'm not sure what the best course 
of action would be for that to be completely honest.  I have some ideas, but 
I'm not sure if any of them would be viable over the long run.

This has drastically reduced fines here, for the moment.  It's not a forever 
renewal process, so I do still see fines, but it has generally decreased fines 
across the board.  We don't rely on fine income for operation here, so this 
isn't a giant issue for us, but if you do rely on fine income I'd probably 
recommend against implementing such a process.  With that said, my staff spend 
a lot less time dealing with fine related issues, and I believe it's enough to 
have saved money in general.

For implementation, I'd recommend one of two options for the sake of making 
things reasonable.  Either set the renewal to happen a few days before the due 
date so that patrons have time to return materials that are not renewed, or set 
the renewal on the due date but add a multi-day grace period for the same 
reason.  We renew on the due date and give patrons 3 grace days to return the 
item to avoid fines.  Another library in my consortium renews the item 3 days 
before the due date instead.  Both work, but I think the important factor is 
allowing patrons the time to return items.

Geoff Sams
Library Manager
Roanoke Public Library

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Hello Everyone,

For those of you who are using the Auto Renew feature, how is it going? What 
are the general impressions from patrons? Was it a rocky start?   We have some 
concerns about how staff deal with patrons who do not have email or sms 
notification capabilities. How did you deal with this aspect?  Any unexpected 
financial impacts in terms of fine revenue? What are your suggestions for those 
interested in implementing it?

Thank you,

Elizabeth Davis
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