Rudolph Bott wrote:
> Hey list,
> I just joined the list and read the following thread:
> Basically it provides a solution to the "problem" of iscsiadm overwriting 
> existing target configurations - but the discussion did not go on after 
> June...does anybody have any status updates on this case?
> I'm using etch's debs right now for open-iscsi and I'm very interested in 
> solving this issue (as in my setup targets might appear and disappear on a 
> regular basis...some have to be connected automatically and others not - this 
> makes adding/removing targets a very error-prone operation). If this has 
> been somehow fixed in newer versions, did anybody create deb's? If I can find 
> the time, I would be willing to build them by myself (although I'm probably 
> not a very skilled "packager")...

It is not done yet. I am about to make a new release, and this should 
appear in the version after that one.

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