Sagi Rotem wrote:
> What message size ? What kind of link/nic do u use ? What BM ?
> I had measured ~900MB/sec reads and writes over 10Gig with 256K messages
> using disktest BM.
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> Subject: Performance of open-iscsi over TCP

You're talking only about throughput (not iops). Here's more info:

    * benchmark: sgp_dd with 512K messages.
    * Target: IPStor with a RAM disk (so the storage isn't the bottleneck)
    * NIC: DDR IB HCAs (running IPoIB)
    * I'm using the default iscsid.conf that comes with open-iscsi

Which target are you using? Are you suing the deafult iscsid.conf?
Anything else? Did you measure iops?


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