Mike Christie wrote:
> Erez Zilber wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm running some performance tests with open-iscsi (iops & throughput).
>> With open-iscsi over TCP, I see very low numbers:
>>     * iops: READ - 20000, WRITE - 13000
>>     * throughput: READ - 185, WRITE - 185
>> In open-iscsi.org, I see much higher numbers. Did anyone measure
>> open-iscsi performance lately? Can you share your numbers? Which
> Yeah, I have been running tests for a while. What test program are you 
> using, what io sizes, and what io scheduler and kernel and what nic module?

Oh yeah what kernel are you running? I ported linux-iscsi to a recent 
kernel so I could test if there are a problem with open-iscsi or 
something in the network, block or scsi layer (this is why I tried 
switching open-iscsi to use a recv thread like how linux-iscsi does 
instead of running from the network softirq).

I will try to tar up my linux-iscsi code, so you can try it out on your 

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