mani.subramaniyan wrote:
> Has anybody come across this issue?
> Since the downloaded open-iscsi's make or "make install" doesn't seem
> to update the current kernel's Modules.symvers file (/usr/src/linux),
> trying to add a new open-iscsi transport (similar to iscsi_tcp) leads
> to link errors (symbol version mismatch...).
> I deleted the open-iscsi symbols from the Modules.symvers file to
> workaround this so I can build (in spite of LD warnings), and I can
> load the newly built transport.
> But the better way is to update the Modules files based on the kernel
> we are building the open-iscsi for, right?
> I believe OpenIB does this; if the make install option of open-iscsi
> also takes care of this it will be great.
> I can come up with a patch for this, if needed.
> I saw this problem on SLES 10 with Open-iscsi 2.0.865-15 (semi-stable)
> on x86_64 arch.
This problem was discussed here a year ago:

You can use the script that I attached to one of the messages in that thread. 
Instead, you can build a kernel with your transport (is it iSER?) and use the 
userspace code from (this is what I always do).

I hope it helps.


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