I am setting up a new server with Ubuntu Server 7.10 and open iscsi to  
handle several Promise VTrak m500i arrays. The problem I have is that  
when I install open iscsi, the machine hangs on reboot.

I have tried shutdown -h 0 as described here: 

As well as the reboot= flags given to the kernel described here: 

Logs and other system information is available here: 

I have also played around with the acpi= flags to the kernel at boot,  
but have been unable to find a resolution allowing the machine not to  
hang when rebooting. (I even tried uninstalling open-iscsi, which  
caused the machine to be able to fully reboot again.)

Any tips/fixes/advice on what to do next would be very welcome.


Andreas Bergstrøm
Østfold University College
Dept. of Computer Sciences

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