Andreas Bergstrøm wrote:
> I am setting up a new server with Ubuntu Server 7.10 and open iscsi to  
> handle several Promise VTrak m500i arrays. The problem I have is that  
> when I install open iscsi, the machine hangs on reboot.
> I have tried shutdown -h 0 as described here: 

I am not sure if that will work for you because I am not sure what the 
ubuntu scripts do. The shutdown -h workaround is for a RHEL/Fedora 
scripts issue.

What are the last messages printed out when you reboot the box? Is it 
something about sending a cache sync for sdXYZ, then a message about a 
conn error? If so then the ubuntu scripts are probably turning off the 
network too soon. They need to log off all the sessions then stop the 
network, or modify the shutdown sciprts so they do not shutdown the 
network if iscsi is running.

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