Andreas Bergstrøm wrote:
> On 8. jan.. 2008, at 10:29, Mike Christie wrote:
>> I am not sure if that will work for you because I am not sure what the
>> ubuntu scripts do. The shutdown -h workaround is for a RHEL/Fedora
>> scripts issue.
>> What are the last messages printed out when you reboot the box? Is it
>> something about sending a cache sync for sdXYZ, then a message about a
>> conn error? If so then the ubuntu scripts are probably turning off the
>> network too soon. They need to log off all the sessions then stop the
>> network, or modify the shutdown sciprts so they do not shutdown the
>> network if iscsi is running.
> No, there is no cache sync error messages, nor conn error messages.
> I have tried rebooting after having unmounted and then stopping the  
> open-iscsi service manually, but it still hung on reboot.
> Usually it gives an
> iscsi: can not broadcast skb (-3)
> after the rebooting now message, but that came earlier when I stopped  
> iscsi manually, and appeared unrelated to me.
> However, the /dev/sdx devices created by open-iscsi continues to exist  
> after iscsi targets are logged off and disconnected. Could this be the  
> cause of the issue?

Yeah, the iscsi stuff is not getting shutdown completely. There is a bug 
when using 2.6.21 and newer with targets that are using write back cache 
like your target.

There is a fix for the upstream 2.6.25 kernel when it comes out. And in 
the open-iscsi git tree there is a fix in the kernel modules we 
distribute in that tarball.

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