> 10 MB/sec sounds really poor.
> What kind of disk performance do you get locally on the target/server from
> the SATA RAID array? You can try iometer or some other disk benchmarking 
> tools. 
I've downloaded iometer, can you tell me what do I have to test and how?
> What kind of latency (ping roundtrip with 4k packets) do you have from the
> initiator to the target? latency is one of the key factors limiting IOPS
> you will get.
ping -s 4048

4056 bytes from icmp_seq=179 ttl=128 time=0.795 ms

--- ping statistics ---
179 packets transmitted, 178 received, 0% packet loss, time 178261ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.789/1.429/1.990/0.534 ms

> How's your network between the target and initiator? gigabit? jumbo frames?
> flow control? what kind of switch are you using?
gigabit in both ends. The switch I'm not in front of the machine so I 
can't tell you until next week but my guess is that's a regular switch. 
I think that I'm going to try a crossover cable of CAT 6 to avoid any 
other issue. I think jumbo frames are deactivated but how can I know?
> How's the performance with FTP/HTTP/CIFS between the target and the
> initiator? 
It is the same as mentioned before: 10 MB/s


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