Hey Broadcom guys and iscsi list,

I put up all my changes to the bnx2i driver in the bnx2i branches of the 
open-iscsi git tree and linux-2.6-iscsi.

It hooks bnx2i into the iscsi layers like how iser and iscsi_tcp is, 
except that it allocates a scsi_host per net device instead of per session.

The code is only compile tested, and I am sure it is very broken because 
lot of code changed:

  bnx2i.h       |  272 ------
  bnx2i_hwi.c   |  930 +++++++++++-----------
  bnx2i_init.c  |   15
  bnx2i_iscsi.c | 2365 
  4 files changed, 947 insertions(+), 2635 deletions(-)

There are also lots of TODO items in the code. Grep for TODO and/or mnc 
for review comments mixed into the code, and check out the git commits 
for some more todo items.

I did most of this work over my christmas break, and right now I am busy 
trying to finish up some red hat items so I do not want it to sit around 
on my box for just me to admire :) After my red hat work is done I can 
help out more, but you guys (and some people asked about helping 
offlist) should be able to get most of it done.

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