hello, Rusty:
I encountered a problem when modules compiled built-in with bzImage:

open-iscsi is an iSCSI software, it has a userspace daemon(iscsid) and
a userspace mani tool(iscsiadm) and a kernel module
recently the kernel module has been accepted into the official kernel
release; since the module licensed with GPL, it could be compiled as

but when I compiled the module within the bzImage, the problem appeared:

tux ~ # iscsid -f
iscsid: Missing or Invalid version from
/sys/module/scsi_transport_iscsi/version. Make sure a up to date
scsi_transport_iscsi module is loaded and a up todate version of
iscsid is running. Exiting...

this is just because iscsid hope there's an external module could be
under /sys/module, and read the kernel module's version information,
but if the module compiled built-in, all its module information
discarded and it doesn't appeared under /sys/module/, that would break

Now the problem is:

Should we provide module information under
/sys/module/<module-name>/... even if the module compiled built-in
with bzImage?
Or just this module(scsi_transport_iscsi) should be marked with [M] only?

if the former solution is preferred, I would be happy to work on
MODULE_INFO-like macros improvements with CONFIG_MODULE undefined.


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