I use the same initiator and target that you are using and it works
Check the dmesg for any issues.
What OS/Kernel do u use ? 

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__mango wrote:

> I am trying to set up an iscsi communication. I use  open-
> iscsi-2.0-865.15 for initiator and iscsitarget-0.4.0 as target.
> 1. Is this target compatible with the initiator.

It should be. I think that many people use that target (although I

> 2. There is no issue with kernel versions. i try to set up a session 
> and i get absolutely no messages. It tells initiator is running fine.

First, make sure that your initiator name was set correctly in

What's the output of the following commands:

   1. open-iscsi service:
         1. If you're running on RedHat: /etc/init.d/iscsi status
         2. If you're running on SuSE: /etc/init.d/open-iscsi status
   2. iscsiadm -m node
   3. iscsiadm -m session

If "iscsiadm -m node" doesn't show any nodes, you'll need to discover
them first. Try the iscsi_discovery script. It also has a man page.

If "iscsiadm -m node" shows nodes but "iscsiadm -m session" doesn't show
any nodes, try to login to those nodes. I think that the README has some
very useful examples.

> 3. The ReadMe s are not of much help.
> Can anyone redirect me to a place where there is a doc about practical

> setup of an iscsi.

I don't know about other docs. BTW - did you read the man pages?


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