On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 12:03:11PM +0100, Klemens Kittan wrote:
> Hi,
> I got a question about mapping iSCSI targets and device names.
> There exists a storage, containing 2 RAID groups. The first RAID group is 
> bound to iSCSI network channel 0 and 2, the second RAID is bound to iSCSI 
> network channel 1 and 3.
> These channels are connected by two switches, each in a separate network. 
> Switch 1 connects channel 0 and 1, switch 2 connects channel 2 and 3. Thus i 
> got redundancy, as one switch can go down and both RAIDs are still available.
> In result, there are 4 targets -- and they all can be bound by a client.
> Binding the 4 targets, these targets are mapped to scsi device names. (e.g. 
> sdb, sdc, ...)
> Now there is my question -- how can I configure the order, the targets are 
> bound into the system. In the situation right now (sda is local drive)
> sdb is bound on target 3 (via switch 2), sdc is bound to target 1 (via switch 
> 1), sdd is bound on target 2 (via switch 2), sde is bound to target 0 (via 
> switch 1).
> Why this is the order? Is this order allways the same? Can I configure the 
> order myself -- to ensure (e.g. channel 0 on sdb, channel 1 on sdc, a.s.o.)?

Maybe you can use /dev/disk/by-uuid/ ?

Or then you can configure udev to give your iSCSI disks some fixed names..

-- Pasi

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