On Jan 18, 9:36 am, deeztech <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I set the blockdev to 4096, 8192, 16384 and even 32768 for giggles.
> You recommendation did help quite a bit. We're up in the 60 MB/sec

  next guess is you have pci-33mhz nics or some other bottleneck.  if
you really want to do fast transfers, you'll need mainboard and nic
with plenty of bandwidth.  pci-x, pci-e etc.

  and plus if you have a local disk at the ini side then you must have
bandwidth to handle both.

  if you happen to have onboard e1000's, search the part# and you can
verify if it is pci33 or something better.

> range which it practically doubled. Thank you very much. Now, just for
> clarification, you said that you used to use the vtrak m500i target
> and you found it slow? If so, is this as good as it gets with this

  well it depends on what your workload is.  if you just want to do
bulk transfer, you may be fine if the other limits of m500i are no
problem for you.  if your workload is more like workstation, database,
random io then it's not very good.  i've tuned the ini side as much as
possible for low latency tcp, fast switches, etc and i could never get
even 3500 iops at 4k.

  if you intend to run workstation/db type loads then you should do
some more research on io latency, which is a much more important

  i expected much more from a box based on qlogic hw...

  the IET box i replaced it with can do over 7000 4k iops... more than
2x as fast as the m500i was, and that's on top of LVM2 so i'm not
limited in logical units, and i can do snapshots.


  i can offer another tip... any LU you make in the web interface, you
can look up the scsi serial number for on the LU details page.
sg3utils 'sginfo -s /dev/node' will fetch serial numbers, so i
maintain a text on my ini's with a list of all of the serials and
names of symlinks to create.  after login, i have a shellscript that
runs and does these sginfo lookups on every /dev/sdXX node and creates
symlinks with volume names.

  if you have good iscsi udev rules (search this group) then you can
have lun's in /dev nodes, and i think the LUN for a volume never
changes after you create it, even if you modify/delete others.  so you
could do symlinking this way as well and not need to check sg serial#

  but this is all necessary since m500i is only one target, so you
cannot use iqn naming to reference your LUs.  :(

  plus if you have windows boxes then you must configure the LU
masking properly.

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