Hannes Reinecke wrote:
> Why do we have to unload the modules here?
> Of course it's nice and proper in theory, but you get
> a nice crash when running multipath over iscsi.
> As iscsi is stopped prior to multipathing it's okay
> to shutdown the daemon (as the connection will still be
> functioning).
> But as there's still a multipath map on these devices
> (ie bd_claim is set) the sysfs / driver core objects
> won't be removed but having invalid function pointers
> instead.

I do not think this will happen in current iscsi modules will it? If the 
multipath device has the iscsi device in the map, then doesn't it still 
have a reference to the scsi_device? If it does then the iscsi_tcp 
module will have a refcount and the rmmod will fail. If the iscsi_tcp 
still has a refcount greater than zero then so does libiscsi and so will 
scsi_transport_iscsi, so those modules will not be removed.

In past modules we had that bug where we did not set the module 
reference in the scsi_host_template, so you (or some code like 
multipath) could be using a device then you could log a session off or 
rmmod iscsi_tcp and then you hit the problem you describe. You need this 


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