Erez Zilber wrote:
> I'm not familiar enough with multipath, but shouldn't this be handled by
> "Required-Stop" in /etc/init.d/multipathd? While shutting down the
> machine, multipathd should be stopped only after open-iscsi is stopped.
> If the user decides to manually stop open-iscsi before multipathd, it is
> another story.

For RHEL4, we have the multipath script check if there are sessions. If 
there are it will destroy the multipath maps. This does not take into 
account iscsi root since we do not support it in RHEL4. Also this does 
nothing for software raid.

For RHEL5, I just gave up trying to handle everything everywhere :) 
During shutdown/reboot we do not log out the sessions or rmmod the 
modules since there could be dm/md devices using them and then there is 
iscsi root. And if you are going to manually stop the service you have 
to manually unmount the filesystems, then shutdown the multipath device, 
then shutdown iscsi. Maybe we just need some nice config tools that do 
all these type of checks and actions for the user.

If you guys have any ides spit them out and we can try to implement it.

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