I'm having a problem with following setup:

- iSCSI storage server with 2 raid controllers. (Dell MD3000i to be
- Both controllers have 2 nics each (makes 4).
- Every nic has its own IP address and functions as a portal.
- I'm exporting one target which contains several block devices.
- Each "block device" is maintained by 1 raid controller in a round-
robin fashion. Device 1 is controlled by controller 0, device 2 is
controlled by controller 1, device 3 is controlled by controller 0,
  This results in that a device is only accessible via 2 portals. The
other 2 portals are "ghosts".
- Multipath (the rdac module to be specific) handles failover. When
the available paths fail, rdac signals the "ghost" portals and the
associated raid controller takes over the disk.

By my opinion this is all working quite fine.

Now my problem:

I have made, let's say 20, devices available. Now, iscsiadm is going
to login for the first time, starting with the first portal. 20
devices are detected one by one of which 10 are controlled by another
controller, thus not available.
Something starts reading from the just discovered devices (Kernel
reading partition tables?), before iscsiadm was able to connect to the
next portal, which causes multipath to freak out.
Now rdac starts asking the ghost paths to open themselves, which
brings all device under control of the first raid controller.

While I'm willing to wait a minute or so let the devices become
available, I'm not willing to change back all the paths by hand, every
time an initiator boots.

My question:

Can anyone help with a solution on this one?

- Is it something i should configure in multipath?

- Can I make iscsi to wait allowing access to devices? (Haven't found
anything like that, the iscsi session and connection parameters are
imho poorly documented)

- Can I tell (and how) udev/kernel/whatever to quit reading these
partition tables (as I don't want it to, don't even need it actually)

Thanks in advance,
Eric van Blokland
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