Rudolph Bott wrote:
> Even Greater! :)
> Do you already have a deadline for the next stable release of open-iscsi? 
> Since we use mainly Debian on our servers and we use open-iscsi on multiple 
> servers, I might be able to provide at least unofficial packages until the 
> real open-iscsi packages get updated as well.

I am not sure. I was pretty happy with what is in the tree right now. I 
just wanted to find a way to not have to compile the PPC iscsi boot 
stuff if you do not need it, because it requires flex and bison and we 
have seen a lot of people testing the git tree trip up on that.

I started to do this patch for something at work, so I might just finish 
up the PPC compilation issue and this issue and then start seding rc 

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