i running 2.6.22-14-generic kernel ubuntu gutsy.

i have installed open-iscsi
apt-get install open-iscsi

lsmod list all the required iscsi modules
scsi_transport_iscsi.ko, libiscsi.ko and iscsi_tcp.ko

when i run iscsid -f -d 8 the following is the output :
iscsid: transport class version 2.0-724. iscsid version 2.0-865
iscsid: Can not bind IPC socket
iscsid: iscsid_exit
iscsid: in ctldev_close

grep iscsi /var/log/messages has the following output.
Feb  1 00:20:48 venus kernel: [   46.154808] iscsi: registered
transport (tcp)
Feb  1 00:20:48 venus kernel: [   46.207914] iscsi: registered
transport (iser)

what did i forget?

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