KevinKW wrote:
> One thing I noticed, that in the dmesg
> SCSI device sdav: 1125628428 512-byte hdwr sectors (576322 MB)
> sd 3:0:0:0: Device not ready: <6>: Current: sense key: Not Ready
>     Additional sense: Logical unit not ready, manual intervention
> required
> end_request: I/O error, dev sdaf, sector 0
> iscsi_tcp: datalen 16384 > 8192
> iscsi: can not broadcast skb (-3)

Did you notice that when you run
# iscsiadm -m node -r 68a68a -l

and iscsiadm hangs, does iscsid die? It looks like the kernel detects a 
error, tries to tell userspace about it, but iscsid has died. Because 
iscsid is no longer up, iscsiadm will not be notified that the session 
was logged into, and will just sit around waiting for an answer.

>  connection2:0: iscsi: detected conn error (1006)

What version of open-iscsi tools is this (iscsiadm --version), and are 
you using the modules that come with suse's kernel? And what target are 
you using?

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