Hi Erez,
Thanks for the response. We did manage to do a patch. But the reason I
posted this was to say that many will have this same need of patching
and so it can be folded in to open-iscsi makefiles, so that it will
help a lot of people.

Our patch was also very similar to the one you pointed out, but we did
the patch before seeing this earlier post! (reinventing

Mani Subramaniyan

On Jan 3, 4:58 am, Erez Zilber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> mani.subramaniyan wrote:
> > Has anybody come across this issue?
> > Since the downloaded open-iscsi's make or "make install" doesn't seem
> > to update the current kernel's Modules.symvers file (/usr/src/linux),
> > trying to add a new open-iscsi transport (similar to iscsi_tcp) leads
> > to link errors (symbol version mismatch...).
> > I deleted the open-iscsi symbols from the Modules.symvers file to
> > workaround this so I can build (in spite of LD warnings), and I can
> > load the newly built transport.
> > But the better way is to update the Modules files based on the kernel
> > we are building the open-iscsi for, right?
> > I believe OpenIB does this; if the make install option of open-iscsi
> > also takes care of this it will be great.
> > I can come up with a patch for this, if needed.
> > I saw this problem on SLES 10 with Open-iscsi 2.0.865-15 (semi-stable)
> > on x86_64 arch.
> This problem was discussed here a year ago:
> http://groups.google.com/group/open-iscsi/browse_thread/thread/f6f874...
> You can use the script that I attached to one of the messages in that thread. 
> Instead, you can build a kernel with your transport (is it iSER?) and use the 
> userspace code from open-iscsi.org (this is what I always do).
> I hope it helps.
> Erez
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