We were thinking about making a change in iscsi_discovery. First, the
motivation: the script discovers new nodes and tries to connect to them
over iSER. If it fails, it assumes that the target only runs iSCSI over
TCP. In some of our installations, we would like to discover nodes, and
if they don't support iSER, they should not be discovered.

So, here's the solution that we thought about:

    * The script will receive 2 more parameters:
          o requested transport (default is tcp, other values are iser,
            qla4xxx and any other transport that open-iscsi supports)
          o optional "force" flag (-f)
    * For each discovered node, if the user specified a requested
      transport (iser or qla4xxx), it will try to login over the
      requested transport (the new parameter). If it succeeds, the node
      transport will be set to the requested transport. If it fails and
      '-f' was used, the discovered node will be deleted and the user
      will be notified. If '-f' wasn't used, it will set the node type
      to tcp.

If you're fine with it, we will make the required changes in the script
and send a patch.



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