Greetings all,

I have updated the wiki at:

and posted the first LIO target builds on the LIO Cluster:

I will adding the documentation for both LIO SE on PS3-Linux, and the
FC8 upgrade process, as the latter can still be a bit challenging for
new users.

Here is the info from the README:

LIO Target iSCSI/SE for PS3-Linux v2.9.0.209 

I) Kernel module package


This modules are built for ppc64 and built with the toolkit for Fedora Core 8 
This is gcc (GCC) 4.1.2 20070925 (Red Hat 4.1.2-33)

This module has been tested with the latest ps3-linux.git and built against
arch/powerpc/configs/ps3_defconfig.  To use the BD-ROM, your 2.6.24 kernel
must contain ps3rom-use-128-max-sector.diff.  Please see:;a=commit;h=e82112af66a39d11bcb484de9cfa45f0d214c97f

This module package should work with kernel-2.6.24-20080131.ppc64.rpm from
CELL-Linux-CL_20080201-ADDON.iso, but the BD-ROM will throw an exception without
ps3rom-use-128-max-sector.diff.  Please see the following link for more
information about the ADDON CD, and watch for an updated kernel package soon..

II) Userspace packages


Note that these are 32-bit and built on Fedora Core 8.

Have fun!


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