stgt (SCSI target) is an open-source framework for storage target
drivers. It supports iSCSI over iSER among other storage target drivers.

Voltaire added a git tree for stgt that will be added to OFED 1.4:;a=summary

Until OFED 1.4 gets released, it is possible to install the stgt RPM on
top of OFED 1.3. For more details about how to install and use stgt,
please refer to

Some performance numbers that were measured by OSC (using SDR cards):

    * READ: 920 MB/sec
    * WRITE: 850 MB/sec

We hope to have DDR measurements numbers soon.



Erez Zilber | 972-9-971-7689

Software Engineer, Storage Solutions

Voltaire – _The Grid Backbone_ <>

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