agspoon wrote:
> We are now moving to version 2.0-865 (w/ 2.6.21), and wanted to
> validate our assumptions.  Based on what you described, I suspect that
> in our current case the re-login is not occurring when the daemon is
> restarted.  I'll do some more experimenting with the new version to
> see if we have the same hanging behavior when not doing a discovery.

Yeah, if you are using 2.0-695 then it could probably be a bug in the 
sync up. Try with the current code and if that does not work let me know.

>>> I notice a recent change in git that prevents discovery for existing
>> That is only when using the iscsi_discovery script.
>>> sessions.  Would this change prevent us from reaching a stable root
>>> file system login?
>> It will if you are using the discovery script. If you just run iscsiadm
>> it will not affect you. Or if you just create the node record by hand by
>> doing
>> iscsiadm -m node -T target -p ip:port,tpgt -o new
>> you would be fine.
> Cool, we'll check this out.
> One other question we have is how session parameters are changed.  If
> we issue the following command while the daemon is running (I think it
> has to be running),

The daemon needs to be running, because iscsiadm will ask it what db 
location it is using.

> iscsiadm -m node --op=update myip:port,tpgt -n
> 'node.session.timeo.replacement_timeout' -v 86400
> Does this change take effect on the current session, or do we have to
> restart the daemon?

It does not take effect on the current session. It only changes the node 
db values for the next use. I am working on that now. So as you saw if 
you completely restart the daemon, iscsid will reread the DB values and 
pick it up. It is a very dangerous solution, so I would not advise on 
it. It is best to be using multipath, then you can just take a session 
offline (ok I mean logout iscsiadm .... -u), then relogin and it will 
pick up the new values.

Like I said I am trying to fix this so you do not have to restart iscsid 
and you do not have to use multipath and relogin, so you can update 
values of running sessions. Hopefully in the next release.

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