Anthony C wrote:
> I read posts about 6 months to a year ago that scsi resets like those
> done by "sg_reset [-b] | [-d]" are not translate/convert to any
> equivalent in iscsi.  Is this still true?

In 2.0.865.15, sg_reset -d will translate to a logical unit reset.

> Especially for iscsi 2.0.865 (in RHEL5 U1) and iscsi 2.0.754 (in
> SLES10 SP1), when I did sg_reset -d, I don't see any form of scsi
> reset were send out to the targets.

For SLES I do not it does anything and for RHEL I know it does not do 
anything. For RHEL we have a really strict KABI, so I was not able to 
safely port the reset code yet.

> Another interesting behavior with above iscsi versions, the first
> reset to a target session since the host was booted up, it will
> actually cause connection error like: "kernel: connection3:0: iscsi:
> detected conn error (1011)".  Then subsequent reset to that target
> will just be nothing happen (no resets and no connection error
> either).  Any idea?

The old code does not translate the scsi eh reset callouts to task 
managment functions like how linux-iscsi did. I am not sure why. I think 
it was just not implemented yet. Instead it just does abort task 
manamgent functions for the abort scsi eh callout, then did not 
implement the device or bus reset callouts, and for the host reset it 
would just drop the session.

> Thanks
> > 

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