David Lee Lambert wrote:
> I'm trying to get open-iscsi to run on a Gentoo system.  I've set some
> other systems up,  but on this one the /etc/init.d/open-iscsi script
> hangs.  When I try to start the daemon manually with debugging
> options,  here's what I get:
> # iscsid -f -d 99
> iscsid: transport class version 2.0-865. iscsid version 2.0-865
> iscsid: in ctldev_open
> iscsid: can not bind NETLINK_ISCSI socket
> iscsid: iscsid_exit
> iscsid: in ctldev_close
> *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (out): 0x08078118 ***
> Aborted
> Any pointers on where to look for the problem?

It looks like a couple bugs :(

First one is that iscsid will not start with the can not bind error. We 
normally see this when iscsid has been run, but not fully cleaned up. 
For example with older versions you have to do "killall -9 iscsid" to 
kill all the processes.

The second problem is the double free. I have not seen that one before. 
Are you using the tools from gentoo or upstream? If you could try the 
newest tools if you are not already
and retry the start up it would be helpful.

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