bnx2i is supported on RHEL5 and SUSE10u1 distro.
We have explored few options to add RHEL4 support but nothing
has materalized yet.

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Sent: Thu 2/21/2008 7:16 AM
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Subject: bnx2i driver for RHEL 4?

I recently installed an HP NC373F "Multi-purpose" Gigabit NIC card in
one of our lab's DL585-G2 servers running RHEL 4.0 (Update 4).  The
kernel recognized the card on boot, and it was easily associated with
the existing bnx2 driver.  The intent is to connect to a SAN device
via iSCSI, something that seems to be provided by HP's bnx2i driver
for RHEL 5.  My question is this: is there a backport of this driver
available for RHEL 4?  Thanks in advance...

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