Sorry for the delay. When I did the last release, I put it out a little 
early and then did several refinements and some bug fixes really quickly 
after posting it. This is why we went from 865.0 to 865.X so quickly. In 
the hope of not creating as much confusion, I am going to do some 
release candidates.

This rc actually went through more testing than the 865.0 because of how 
the fedora and Red Hat schedules worked out. There are a lot of changes 
though, so please if you are using something like xfs + lvm + iscsi on a 
32bit box with high mem, please run some tests before trying out the 
release. I tested this release on 32 bit boxes with highmen and without 
highmen, 64 bit boxes, with xfs, with ext3, with and without software 
raid on a hand full of targets including cisco, istor, netapp and 
equallogic, IET, istgt, and open solaris. I did not test iscsi tape 
since I do not have such a device, and I was not able to hit the xfs + 
iscsi problem with the older release (pre 2.0) so me not hitting hit 
with this release may not mean much.

Since test1 the major addition is the fix for when records are 
overwritten when discovery is performed:

    - SendTargets iSCSI Discovery updating existing records:

             ./iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p \
                 -o update

         If there a record for targetX and portalY exists in the DB, and
         is returned during discovery, it will be updated with the info
         from the iscsi.conf. New portals will be added and stale
         portals will not be removed.

     - SendTargets iSCSI Discovery deleting existing records:

             ./iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p \
                 -o delete

         If a record for targetX and portalY exists in the DB, but
         is not returned during discovery it will be removed from the DB.
         No new portals will be added and existing portal records will not
         be changed.

         Note: If a session is logged into portal we are going to delete
         a record for, it will be logged out then the record will be

      - SendTargets iSCSI Discovery adding new records:

             ./iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p \
                 -o new

         If there targetX and portalY is returned during discovery and does
         not have a record, it will be added. Existing records are not

      - SendTargets iSCSI Discovery using multiple ops:

             ./iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p \
                 -o new -o delete

         This command will add new portals and delete records for portals
         no longer returned. It will not change the record information for
         existing portals.

The default behavior is what we had before where new portals are added, 
stale portals are removed and new and existing portals use the values 
from the command line and iscsi.conf (equivalent to passing in all three 
operation values at the same time).

There have also been checks in iscsiadm added, so that if you try to 
modify a record values which is not allowed you will get an error, or if 
you try to delete a record iscsiadm will also log out a session using it 
for you.

Get it here
Let me know how it is.

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