On 2/22/08, Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> What other issues are you hitting. They might be fixed in the new
>  release or we might still need a bug report. Let me know.

  The etch kernel I was originally using (2.6.18) crashed the machine
when I tried to log in to the MD3000i enclosure, 2.6.22 hung on logout
as I mentioned, the inband management interface was detected as a
separate disk by open-iscsi (which caused I/O errors when the kernel
tried to read a partition table from it and couldn't), and one person
on a Dell mailing list mentioned kernel panics in 2.6.22 in addition
to the hang on logout.
  If I still see the problem with the management interface in a newer
kernel, I'll file a separate bug report about it.  Of course, it might
just be ridiculous behavior on the part of the hardware that the
driver is expected to "know" how to handle properly in order to
represent as a management interface.  It's also easily worked around
on my end by configuring the enclosure not to present an inband
management interface.

> This one was the fault of the upstream kernel changing behavior on us,
>  and not iscsi.

  Makes sense.  I didn't mean to sound critical of open-iscsi; I was
just wondering what the intended status of the code was.

>  It is fixed in 2.6.25-rc2, and the kernel modules in the current rc
>  release:
>  http://www.open-iscsi.org/bits/open-iscsi-2.0-868-rc1.tar.gz

  Okay, I'll try to test that kernel this weekend and let you know how
it works for me.  Thanks!
  Just to check: Are you saying that I need a 2.6.25-rc2 kernel _and_
the 2.0-868-rc1 userspace tools, or are you saying that I either need
a 2.6.25-rc2 kernel _or_ the new kernel module, which is included with
the 2.0-868-rc1 userspace tools?

>  To work around the problem you have to disable write caching on the
>  target (not all targets can do this though).

  Unfortunately I don't see a way to do this with my target :-(.

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