Hey all.
  I have some nitpicky feedback about the backported kernel module
installation process -- as I mentioned, it worked a treat for me, but
there are some ways that the documentation could be improved:
   * The ib_iser module depends on the iSCSI interface for some crazy
reason -- if you install the backported modules into a vendor kernel
that has this module, you'll get warnings about symbol mismatches.  It
might be worth dropping a note to that effect into the documentation
(I can't imagine that this is worth fixing, since I doubt there's even
a single person who wants to use both of these modules
   * The instructions for Debian are obselete; they refer to the old
linux-iscsi package, which has been replaced by open-iscsi, which has
stopped providing the backported-module functionality that I believe
is referred to in the instructions.  What I did on Debian to get the
backported kernel modules was:
      * Install the linux-headers package for the kernel image I run
      * Set KERNEL_TARGET in kernel/Makefile manually, since for some
reason it didn't work automatically (maybe because the Debian kernels
have additional packaging information in EXTRAVERSION).
      * Compile open-iscsi-2.0-868-rc1 from the tarball
      * Use dpkg-divert to move aside the existing iscsi modules in /lib/modules
      * Copy the hand-compiled modules into /lib/modules
      * Use dpkg-divert to move aside /lib/modules/.../ib_iser.ko to
avoid warnings
   * Thank you once again for providing the backported kernel modules;
they're a lifesaver :-).

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