Victor Engle wrote:
> Just curious, is any work planned or in progress to implement SNIA'a
> IMA for managing iSCSI initiators on linux?

I started cleaning up the iterator functions in idbm.c and 
iscsi_sysfs.c, but got busy trying to close up what we have for the rc I 
just posted.


- The idbm and iscsi_sysfs functions both need some cleanup, 
documentation, and a nicer way to iterate over nodes/sessions.

- iscsi_sysfs.c needs a real interface. We have been adding a new 
function to get/set new values instead of doing a nice abstraction. And 
we need to do some better checking of input.

- iscsiadm.c/iscsid.c needs to be converted to the new apis and then we 
can also fix up the functions in there like the code to get iscsi 
session or node values.

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