same for 865.15 tar iscsid -d8 no output what so ever unless I use a -
f for foreground.

nothing in messages or syslog looks like it does not even try and
create a pid file.

iscsid & also exits right away as well.

On Mar 6, 12:31 pm, Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Jim wrote:
> > slackware 12.0
> > Kernel smp
> > git repository of open-iscsi
> > everything works great except I cannot run iscsid without runnig
> > iscsid in the foreground. -f
> > if I run iscsid itself it just exits same for iscsid -d8
> I have not seen that before. Does this also happen with the 865.15 tar
> ball on
> Are there any error messages? When you do iscsid -d8 what is the output?
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