Doron Shoham wrote:
> Divide node parameters into 3 categories:
>  a. Immutable - properties that are not allowed to change at all.
>  b. Immediate - properties that are allowed to change and take effect 
> immediately.
>  c. Deferred  - properties that are allowed to change but will take effect 
> only next
>  session.

Thanks for doing this. It looks pretty good.

> +
> +typedef enum modify_attr_e {
> +    ATTR_IMMUTABLE,  /*can not be changed at all*/
> +    ATTR_DEFERRED,   /*can be changed only when session is not active*/
> +    ATTR_IMMEDIATE   /*can be changed while in session*/
> +} modify_attr_e;

When I merge this, I am just going to add a prefix on the ATTR_* values. 
Does something like maybe IDBM_ATTR_* sound ok?

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