On Fri, Apr 04, 2008 at 01:54:37PM -0700, supreeth wrote:
> The following series implements Intel I/O Acceleration Technology (I/
> OAT)
> support for open-iscsi. This series works on the 2.6.24.x kernels. We
> are
> working on modifying the patches to work with the new tcp recv path in
> open-iscsi from the 2.6.25-rcx kernels. I recommend using the latest
> stable
> 2.6.24 kernel to apply the patches. We're putting these out now to
> solicit
> feedback from the community, and will submit new patches against the
> upstream
> open-iscsi kernel. Please feel free to send any comments/suggestions
> to me or
> the list. We also continue to work on performance tuning these
> patches. 


> We noticed a marginal increase in throughput using Intel 1Gb ethernet 
> cards (e1000) and a significant increase in throughput using the 
> Intel 10Gb cards.


Do you have any numbers available? Would be nice to know what kind
significant increase you got.. 


-- Pasi

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