Mike Christie wrote:

> There is also a bug in iscsid (iscsi_sysfs.c) where if iscsid had 
> detected ib_iser it would grab (iscsi_sysfs.c:read_transports) the 
> transport handle for it. And if you were to unload and reload it, then 
> iscsid is not picking up the new transport handle (transport handle is 
> just the pointer value of that iscsi_transport remember). So if you made 
> the module loading and unloading more dynamic but did not restart 
> iscsid, you have to just tweak iscsi_sysfs.c:read_transports to pick up 
> the new handles.

So all you need to do is delete the iSER transport entry from the
transports list (defined in iscsi_sysfs.h), right? When iSER is loaded
again, it won't find its entry in the list and will recreate it.


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