Erez Zilber wrote:
> Mike Christie wrote:
>> Erez Zilber wrote:
>>> Mike,
>>> We're trying to solve a problem, but first the motivation: a user may
>>> want to stop the InfiniBand modules (/etc/init.d/openibd stop) while
>>> open-iscsi is running. In order to do that, we must remove ib_iser.
>>> Now, the question: is it ok to modprobe -r ib_iser (or iscsi_tcp) before
>> It is and it isn't :)
>>> stopping iscsid? From what I see in the init.d scripts in open-iscsi, we
>>> kill iscsid first. Is there a reason for that?
>> We kill iscsid first because it has a ref to scsi_transport_iscsi (load 
>> that module and run iscsid and then do a lsmod). So if you ran iscsid, 
>> then just modprobe -r ib_iser, it would leave scsi_transport_iscsi loaded.
> If I run /etc/init.d/openibd stop, it will (with a patch that I'm going
> to submit) call iscsi_conn_failure for all iSER connections, and then
> remove ib_iser. scsi_transport_iscsi will be removed later when

This does not sound right or even possible with current kernels. If a 
session is runing and scsi_devices exists for it and if a user has a 
device open then there are references to the ib_iser module.

If the user does a close then it needs the scsi_host_tempalte that was 
allocated in the ib_iser module. For libiscsi/scsi_transport_iscsi there 
is similar problems with the those modules accessing the iscsi_transport 
struct allocated in the module.

The thing is that scsi-ml should be incrementing the ib_iser refcount if 
a device is open. And open-iscsi should be incrementing the ib_iser 
refctoun if there is a session. So you should not be able to remove the 
ib_iser module if there are connections.

> /etc/init.d/iscsi stop is called. BTW - libiscsi will also remain loaded
> and will be removed when iscsi is stopped.
>> The iscsi script will also remove the running sessions, before killing 
>> iscsid, because if there is a session running then ib_iser would also 
>> have a module refcount greater than 0, and the modprobe -r would fail.
> This won't happen with the new patch (will send it today).

I do not see how your patch works. As far as libiscsi knows there are 
still sessions right? Is the openib script stopping sessions and 
unmounting file systems?

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