Doron Shoham wrote:
> Add -f flag (force) to iscsiadm when changing node parameters
> that are defined as ATTR_DEFERRED.
> When using this flag, changing of ATTR_DEFERRED parameter
> while in active session can take place.
> The change itself will take effect only in the next session.
> A warning message is displayed
> Signed-off-by: Doron Shoham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Thanks for doing this.

Could you send one final patch that I can just do a git-am on. It is 
nicer this way because it properly attributes you (when I hand edit 
patches I have been screwing up the author).

I am also not sure what you are diffing against. It looks like a 
incremental patch on top of what you posted before.

> @@ -591,17 +591,20 @@ static int idbm_verify_param(recinfo_t *info, char 
> *name, int is_active)
>               if (info[i].can_modify == ATTR_IMMEDIATE)
>                       return 0;

For example, we do not have the above line in the upstream code yet.

> +typedef enum session_state_e {
> +    SESSION_NOT_ACTIVE,              /* session is not active */
> +    SESSION_ACTIVE,          /* session is active */
> +    SESSION_FORCE_CHANGE     /* session change forced by the user */
> +} session_state_e;
> +

Oh yeah, don't forget to use tabs.

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