v i n c e wrote:
> I'd like to find out if anyone has successfully performed the above by
> inserting into an init script for initrd - for the purpose of booting
> a diskless server on an iscsi-root?
> Having gotten the above to work, I attempted to modify my init script
> so that I can boot to my iscsi target's root FS;  sadly, I get an
> error when loading the first iscsi module:
> "insmod: error inserting '/lib/scsi_transport_iscsi.ko' -1 operation
> not permitted.  module signed with unknown public key - signature key
> id fa719cfd42d5150 ver=3"
> Any thoughts?  I'm wondering if I de-select the module-signature-
> verification option in my Centos 5.1 kernel (via make menuconfig) if
> it would address this issue.
> Pls let me know if my current issue is not applicable to this list, or
> if I should go an post in CentOS at this point?

Are you using Centos 5.1 has this support built in. Have you tried that? 
You can install to and do root from a iscsi disk. For the boot part you 
have to use PXE to get the kernel over or have to use a boot disk for that.

Did that not work for you or did you want to use the newer code? Search 
the /sbin/mkinitrd script for iscsiadm calls and network setup.

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